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H.E. Mrs. Alona FISHER KAMM Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary

Dear Mrs. Ambassador,

According to the news about signing document on mutual recognition between Israel and so called Republic of Kosovo, on January 31st 2021, I’d like to inform you:

-That unilateral document signed on September 4th 2020 in Washington, under surveillance of former US President, Donald Trump, by Avdullah Hoti, selfproclaimed Prime Minister of the quasi Kosovo state (whose first Prime Minister and former President was Hashim Taci, aka The Snake, accused for various war crimes against hundreds of Albanian, Serb and Roma persons), promissing Kosovo and Israel shall mutually recognize each other as states, has no legal effect whatsoever since the day it was signed. Namely, state called Republic of Kosovo does not exist, it’s not member of the UN, it is located on illegally occupied territory which represents legitimate territory of Republic of Serbia, as member state of OUN, excersizing complete sovereignty, which fact was especially confirmed by UN Security Council’s Resolution no. 1244 (1999). Alleged state institutions of the non-existant state do not exist themselves, except for individuals usurping leading state functions, just like Avdullah Hoti did when signing the document mentioned;

-That the other unilateral document of September 4th 2020 signed in front of Donald Trump by Aleksandar Vučić, also has no legal effect whatsoever. The person mentioned has usurped function of the President of the Republic ever since June 17th 2020, when he was dismissed for multiple breaching of the Constitution by the only legal and legitimate parliament in Serbia, established by use of direct democracy on June 16th 2020 – The Temporary Assembly of the People of Serbia. Therefore, the promise that Serbian Embassy shall be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by July 1st 2021 by Aleksandar Vučić is not at all legally binding as well. The Temporary Parliament of People of Serbia, being under complete blockage of both domestic and international meinstream media, informed your Embassy in Belgrade on all the facts of interest in the letter of June 26th 2020, addressed to H.E. Mrs. Alona Fisher Kamm.

Hoping this letter will be forwarded to President of Israel, Mr. Reuven Rivlin and to the Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu too, in order to evade all the negative consequences threathening to reputation of your country worldwide after signing the document on recignition of non-existant Republic of Kosovo, based on two legally non-binding papers of September 4th 2020, signed by two persons lacking capacity, neither as President of Serbia, nor as Prime Minister of Kosovo, I’d like to convey best wishes of our people to the people of Israel.


President of the Temporary Assembly
of the People of Serbia

Belgrade, January 31st 2021

Ms. Olivera Ilić

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